Worn Out Wax is a collaborative effort of Underground Hip-Hop producers and MCs.

Mostly from Austin, TX.

Feel Free to download all music here for free.

LoonaC, Slosh the Radioactivist, Ghastly Shanks, ShiverMeTimbers, Nomed, & More to come.

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Texas Microphone Massacre Presents

Cucumber Slumber Party Whole Mix Tape Zip File

1:) Saddle The Fall

2:) Smile Pretty

3:) Unify

4:) Boss' Son

5:) Devil's Bridge

6:) 3025

7:) This Week's Unique Freak

8:) Shane's Song

9:) House Of Cards

10:) Pistol Kiss

11:) TDO

12:) Can't Fade MyGame

For Any further information on Texas Microphone Massacre, LoonaC, or Slosh, Worn Out Wax, or any other info contact:

LoonaC - (512) 589-3977


Josh Doyen - (512) 784-5025


Heath Tull - (512) 565-8943




We threw this site together with the quickness to give you a chance to download the newest sickness. Respect it.